Monday, 24 September 2012



Woolly Toons now has a Facebook page! I am completely new to Facebook so it's going to take me a while to get used to it all. Bear with me. So, what do you think? Feel like coming over to say hello? Just click on the Facebook badge in the sidebar.

Also, I know some people have been having problems loading the photos for The Toilet pattern. I’ve added a link to the pattern post to a PDF version of the pattern on the site Scribd. Unfortunately, if you want to download the file, you will need an account with Scribd. If you’re still having problems, email me and I’ll see about getting the file to you.

And now for the weather … well, not really ;)

Have a great week, everyone!

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Sunday, 23 September 2012

A Darth, an Evil Queen and a Squashed Ursula

Before I fell in love with crochet, I had a brief affair with origami. It was during this time that I first came across paper models and the little block-headed dolls popular in that area of craft. I quickly dismissed them because, well, being a fan of origami the idea of cutting paper seemed sacrilegious. What was I thinking?!

*Present me slaps past me on the back of her big, fat head*

I’ve spent the last week browsing the internet for paper models and I just can’t believe the amazing work that is out there. It all started when I read a post on about Gus Santome, a talented paper model designer who shares his works on his blog When I saw his super cute Disney and Star Wars dolls, I couldn’t resist. I fired up the printer, found my craft blade and got down to work.

Unfortunately this is what happened. Poor Ursula. Using a dried up glue stick, in hindsight, was not a great idea.

 My next two attempts held up a little better.

 Darth Vader and the Evil Queen from Snow White. Anybody else thinking Villain Wedding?

 I’ve also started on a TARDIS by MikeHungerford. (Is my geek showing?)

 And plan to make a WALL-E one day …

 And maybe a Ghostbusters Headquarters. (How awesome is this?!)

But I think making this paper model of Howl’s Moving Castle is only something I can dream about – hmm, maybe I could have a go at crocheting it ;)

It’s not a forgiving craft – precision is everything – and it does test your patience but seeing what can come from it … well, it’s pretty exciting.

Till next time …
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